November 13, 2008

A Quick Visit

My really good friend Jolynn came to visit us just a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited that she was finally coming to see me in utah after living here for 5 1/2 years! Although I was a little bummed that Sheridan wasnt able to make it up with Jolynn. But we had alot of fun with Jo and Conner for the whole 20 hours they were here. Just before she was coming up at the last minute as they were loading up into the plane with my dad and brother, she found out that they were going to be coming back the next afternoon instead of 2 days later. Bummer! Ha, my brother Jared told me this before she was on her way to the airport but I neglected to tell her because I thought she might decided it was too fast and too short of a tripl So she found out as she was buckeling up :) Ha, I love you Jo! I had a blast and cant way for them to get their butts back up here again. Love you guys!

November 7, 2008

Some Fun Outoors!

It seems whenever the weather starts getting cold its just that time to get out and do some shooting and christmas tree looking. We love getting together with Felicia and Darren and doing something outside. Their little boy, Jude, is getting so big. Here are some pics of him for those of you that know Felicia but never get to see her. It was fun packing all 6 of us up and heading up the canyon to play. We found one of the 2 christmas trees that we are getting this year. I can hardly wait to get my hands on all the christmas decor for this year especially the tree! So once it snows and Thanksgiving has passed we will by right back up there!


Check out these Costumes. We went to a party that glenns old high school buddies always put on every year. The blonde in the picture made all of the costumes. Classic! Got to love it. They sure know how to have fun

We had so much fun this halloween. We hopped around to 3 different parties. I love tyces costume. He looks so cute!