October 20, 2007

Ambers Favorite Place

Our Most Favorite Place!! Glenn and I were lucky enough to get away and take 3 trips to Lake Powell this summer. Glenn laughs every time we go because I always get so giddy about it. This is our last trip to the lake in September. We we went down with our good friends Felicia and Darrin and Kiara and Farley. There is no place like Lake Powell!!

Amber just woke me up

Wow, isn't it great to fall asleep while watching tv? Amber told me to write about"us" on the blog...I went ahead and posted what she wrote...she wanted me to change it but how can I change it? It's par-fect don't you think. So blogs are pretty "neat-o" especially when you were just woken up while rain man is on tv...raymond doesn't wear haines 32's he only wears boxer shorts cuz underwear is too tight...all you rain man fans will enjoy that. Tom Cruise yousta be cool now he's kind of a freak don't you all agree? Did you guys ever see when Tom was getting interviewed and someone's microphone squirted him in the eye and he got semi pranked...well he got really mad and made a fool of himself and ever since then I haven't really liked him...then shortly after that he got into his scientology. Blogging is supposed to be random writing well this is random writing at its best cuz I'm in a rambling mood. Did you guys know that "jehovas witnesses" believe that when you die you're body and spirit are dead until the resurrection? I was talking with a co-worker who happens to be a J-Dub and I really don't know how we got on that topic...but I didn't remember that from my mission for some reason. Religion is an interesting topic of conversation, especially when people have different beliefs.

Well, as Amber stated, we both work a lot...I'm sure my random job finding will end someday...then again, maybe not. I enjoy learning new things. We're new to this blog thing but everyone has one but us so I suppose we better get on it and figure it out.

So it snowed in the valley here in Utah the last day of September. We had a good storm today with more snow in the valley. I don't remember ever getting snow in the valley in october and especially not in September. Gotta love Utah.