September 23, 2008

My Handsome Boyfriend :)

4 Years Together!

Glenn has been working his little heart out at both jobs at UPS and Thrive. Then picking ups side work doing painting jobs. We have some fun goals to get out of debt and get ahead so we are really greatful for the extra work even though poor glenn is so exhausted by sunday. Hes been such a great husband to me and fun dad for Tyce. I love you babe! We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Megan and Travis, some of our really good friends, babysat while Glenn and I went on a Motorcycle ride around provo and out for Ice cream. It was really nice having alone time again. Its crazy to think we always had that time before Tyce came. It was alot of fun. We took some funny pictures. Both of us would randomly do a silly face and twice in a row we did the same stupid face and didnt know it till we looked at the pictures. We craked up over it. It was some good times.

Time Flies!

Where does the time go? I swear it should be August still and here we are at the end of September. Lots of fun things have happend for us in the last month. We went camping again over labor day week and had a blast with the lovelace family. I went home for 10 days because Grandma Busby passed away on labor day. She was such an amazing woman and will always be a great example to me. I love her and will miss her. Then I got to spend sometime in Taylor with the family. Was able to go to my niece, camrys baptism and my nephew, Jamons 1st b-day party. It was all so fun and so nice to be home again with the rest of the family. And ofcoarse got together again with Jolynn and Sheridan. It was fun having Kiara (Caldwell) Vowell there as well to catch up with on good times. She is so cute pregnant and I am so excited for her to have her little Swedyn in November!
Camping up Fairview Canyon-Labor Day Weekend
Happy Tyce
Four wheeler ride

More pics..

Grandma Lovelace and Baby Tyce
Renea with Glenns catch
Daddy Don Lovelace

Lounging around

Out with the mission buddies

It was fun getting together with Bonnie and Kamon Farmer. They Flew into Salt lake month ago and we went out to dinner with them and Megan and Travis. Its always good times getting with the Farmers. Never a dull moment. :)

Felicia's Baby Shower

Felicias Baby Shower was alot of fun. The food was fabulous. Now little Judd is here. He was 3 1/2 weeks early and was born August 25. I will get some pics of the the handsom little guy soon. If I didnt know, I would have never guessed Felicia was 8 months pregnant in this picture! I love you Felicia. You are too cute!