March 29, 2009

Haircuts & Family In Town

Ok so its only been almost 3 months. So I'm on my usual blogging schedule. Yikes, the time flies. Alot has happened in the last 3 months. Glenn started a new job selling long term food storage and is loving it. I am loving having him home more often and having time to be with Tyce. Plans had a big maybe to move to mesa to sell for the summer and it now looks like we will be staying in Utah. I'm kinda sad but relieved about that.

Litte tyce just got his 12th or 13th (I dont know anymore, too many to count now) haircut. He still is ok with us using the clippers on his head and actually doesnt mind it but by the end of his hair cut he really just wanted a bottle and a nap. But he was a good sport like always.

It is always so much fun having my mom and Dad come up and spend sometime with us. After Being in Arizona for a week and a half I drove back up to Utah with my mom, dad and little sister Mckala. Jena, my littl sis, is getting married in May so my mom came up to help her wrap some things up before the big day. So my parents took us out to bowling and ice cream on BYU campus. It was a blast. My parents are really fun to bowl with. Oh and P.s. Check out our first group picture, yes, its true Glenn really dropped that bowling ball on jenas head! Total accident, and we got it on camera. LOL

Visit to Arizona

I was so excited to take a trip to Snowflake and visit my family for a whole week and a half. Tyce and I drove down with Felicia and Darren and Judd. I spent a whole day canning with Sheridan and her amazing mother Carol. If anyone ever needs to learn how to can or just get some canning done you need to talk to Carol Owens. So they spent their whole day helping me get a load of canning done. We had 5 or 6 pressure cookers going all at the same time. Man I now wish I could have gotten a picture of that beautiful site. I was pumped! Butter, chicken, carrots and potatoes! Thanks Carol and Sheridan for being to sweet and spending all that time helping and teaching me the tricks! It was a blast

I then got to take my cute neices and nephews out for ice cream. I have to tell you how cute my nephew Jett is. He cracks us up so much. He is only 3 and is the biggest little cowboy you will meet that young. He has his own pony whose name is thunderpants by the way and he knows how to rope and ride. Its too cute! Anyways here is a picture of them. Jett is the little one. Oh when we were at Mcdonalds he saw a cowboy there and pointed him out and said "hey look a cowboy!" He is pretty obsessed.

Then my sweet brother Jared and sister-in-law Mindy had their second baby boy! I was there for the whole delivery and watched it all!! Wow, it was really cool. The earth just stood still for a few seconds when little max made his way into this world. I even teared up a little when he came through. To think he was just up in heaven, so pure and clean. It was so amazing!

Glenns Birthday "SURPRISE"

Glenn celebrated his 27th birthday February 22 with a big surprise party. This is the first one I have thrown for him and let me tell you it sure surprised ALL of us. Let me explain.

So his dad did me a favor and took him up to cabelas to look at some guns while we prepped for the surprise. I told his dad to text me when they were heading back. So he did. I also spoke with Glenn while they were driving and he told me where they were so I figured how much time I had. Well after waiting for a while I knew I had about 5 maybe 10 mins left before they would arrive. Everything was set up and decorated and we had a good amount of friends and family here patiently waiting for him to walk through the door. So I head downstairs to talk to Kathy Udall(my good friend who made our amazing Lemon Pie for his party) We were chatting for only a minute when suddenly I heard SURPRISE!! I was so confused and ran upstairs to find out that everyone was just hanging out talking when suddenly Glenn walks down our hallway from our garage and sees an old friend standing there wondering why the heck she was at our house. She looks and realizes she is the only one that spots Glenn and is so confused herself wondering where he came from and why he didn't come through the front door. She of coarse, with everyone else was expecting him to come in from a whole other direction. She then looks around and realizes she is the only one that has spot him so unexpectedly and sheepishly yells surprise. Everyone was confused and then looks to see Glenn and Joins in for another surprise with her! All our friends were surprised to see him, Glenn him self was SO surprised and confused and I missed out on the whole big surprise !! HA it was kinda funny. But I was really bummed out that I didn't get to see his face. But we still had a good time.:)

This is really sad- I just found out that those picture got deleted some how. :( What do you do. ??? Bummer!