June 3, 2008

I have some of the greatest co-workers. Last week they surprised me with loads of gifts. Everyone at work pitched in and got me the baby essentials. After my baby shower they snatched my list of things people gave me at my baby shower with out me knowing and figured out what I needed. On top of it all they made me an awesome ragtime quilt. Who does this for their co-workers? Like I said I work with amazing people. Thanks everyone for the time you put into the quilt and your contributions for all the awesome little gifts. Oh to top it off, they gave me a chex party as well. I'm pretty obsessed with corn chex cereal so they made 4 different treats with chex cereal and we had breakfast with my favorite, corn chex and bananas. Thanks guys for making this whole experience so much fun. I will miss you and it will be weird not seeing you 40 plus hours a week! :)

June 2, 2008


OK we have 4 days till this little banbeano is due. We were hoping he was going to come earlier then now but that was just high hopes. I'm not really miserable yet but I am feeling some pains in my lower abdomen. But this is just great news! I went to the Dr. last Friday and they stripped my membranes. I was only dilated at a 1. Sad story:) Nothing new. Most people once they get their membranes stripped and if their bodies are ready, will start laboring with in 48 hours. But there was no love me this time. Glenn and I went to the hospital yesterday to get pre-registered and get a little tour so we had a feel of what the environment will be like. Its a good thing we did because we could not figure out on our own where to go. We are so smart! So after getting directions we found labor and delivery. Fewww! Now we wont be lost in case of an emergency. But we are so excited! I cant wait to be able to finally sleep on my stomach and back. Sleeping on my side is seriously getting really old! And we can hardly wait to meet our little Tyce!