January 6, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunting

We had so much fun looking for a christmas tree this year. We went out with Felicia and Darren ofcoarse. It was Tyce and Judds first adventure looking for a christmas tree. When Glenn cut our tree down, about a foot and a half of the top broke off. It ended up being the perfect height. I didnt ever get my tree fully decorated since we got it up just a week before we left to go to Arizona for the remainder of Christmas. It sure made putting away christmas stuff much easier!

Family Pictures 08'

Temple Square Lights

Glenn and I got a chance to break away and go up to Salt Lake for the Christmas lights BY OURSELVES! No Baby! We thought it was so wierd to be on an actual date together with out our sweet Tyce. We really enjoyed our time together and the lights were like always just amazing. Check this picture out of all the lights just on one single tree. I cant imagine the time that goes into putting them up!

Thanksgiving In California

I know this is so pathetic... Its January and I am updating about Thanksgiving. We had so much fun going down to Apple Valley and Visiting Glenns family for the break. Thanks to Aunt Shelley she really made it feel like home staying at her house. A week full of Food, games, the beach and catching up with family and close friends. I got to meet up with Cayla again. Its always fun to hang out with crazy Cayla and I just still love her the same as the good ol days.. I cant wait to go back to the beach when its warmer and we are looking forward to seeing the lovelace family again soon, hopefully in the next couple of months. Love you all and thanks for such a fun Thanksgiving week!