May 30, 2008

Befores and Afters of Our Backyard Fence- Nice Job Glenn


I have to brag about my hubby for just a second. He is such a talented person in so many different ways. I am so grateful that he can do whatever on our house whenever I need something done. If he doesnt know how to do it he will find out or figure it out himself. He has learned so much over the years with his different experiences with different jobs. I use to go crazy because he would switch jobs all the time. Once he learned the skill he would get bored and move onto something new that he wanted to learn how to do. This to me was craziness. Im all about stability and ofcoarse have been at the same old job for the last 3 1/2 years becuase thats just how I am.Then there is Glenn, who knows everything because he has done everything under the sun. After all this time I have become very grateful for his scatterness (if you want to call it) because it has made him such a handy man even in our on personal lives. There are so many things that he does that make me so grateful I have him as a husband. He definetly is well rounded and I love it! Thanks for all you do for us! - Here are some pics of out backyard fence that hes been working on.


Glenns Graduation April 08'

Another month has passed by and Im just getting these up. Congrats to Glenn! He just graduated from BYU this last April. Im so proud of him for finishing the long road.. There were times he just wanted to quit and be done with school but he stuck with it and Im so happy for him. As for now hes working away and maybe next year once he forgets how much he doesnt like school, he will go back and get his masters. :) Im so proud of you babe!

May 9, 2008

IVe BeEn TaGgEd By jEni

5 ThInGs oN My LiSt tO dO tOdAy!

Pack for St. George- We are leaving today for one last Rondayvoo together before this baby comes!!
Take Primary lesson manuel to substitute
Wax eyebrows
Get grocery list to Glenn
Take Glenns Mom her Mothers Day Gift

5 SnAcKS i lOvE!
Frut bowl-mmm
Chips and Salsa- Homemade tops it off
Organic Vanilla Yogurt w/ mixed berries and Granola

All natural Strawberry Bryers Ice Cream- Its better for you then Yoplait yogurt! Read the label. Its crazy!!
Crackers and Cheese

5 tHiNgS I wOuLd Do If I sUdDeNlY bEcAmE A BiLlIoNaIrE!
Buy Land in Arizon Close to my Family or in Utah Close to Glenns
Take a trip to an exotic beach- Anywhere!
Buy A house boat and the trimmings at Lake Powell

Buy Glenn his dream Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Donate to the church

5 PlAcEs i'vE lIvEd!
Taylor, Az
Provo, Ut

Orem, Ut
Springville, Ut

Kent, Wa

5 JoBs i'Ve Had!
Road Construction Flagger
Slave in a Bakery(early mornings, Yuck)

Order Processor for an online jeweler

5 ThInGs pEoPlE DoN't KnOw AbOuT mE
Im from Arizona and never been to the Grand Canyon!
Ive had to sleep in the other room because Im such a light sleeper from being pregnant and I cant sleep with glenns snooring, it keeps me up all night. Ha poor hubby, we are almost there!
Glenn Doesnt have a little dangly thing in the back of his throat(I just found that out, Wierd!)
Im super claustrophobic. I cant handle small, tight, trapping places.

I am quite the germ-a-fob. Im mentally messed up! Its pretty bad, but thankfully Im not quite as bad as Felicia.

5 PeOpLe I TaG
Jennifer Webb
Sheridan Tenny
Natalie Hammond
Maigan Stradling