November 8, 2007

Glenn and Darren have been working on a house in Heber City the last month. They are finally finished!! Felicia and I havent seen our husbands much since they have been leaving right after they get off work or school and working up there till midnight or later. So Felicia and I made them dinner and had great plans to do a movie afterwards outside up in Heber. So we decided we would surprise them with a fun date. We made them dinner and took it up and it was great! But we were nuts doing a movie afterwards. We didnt get started till late and it was so COLD!!! Im pretty sure it was 20 degrees out side and blew up air mattress and tried watching a transformers on a laptop!! Ya, thank goodness the laptop eventually died! ha so we packed up only 45 mins after starting and decided we were going to hit up our warm living rooms with a bigger tv and comfortable couch instead. It was still alot of fun! And hey, Its all about the memories:)