October 22, 2010

Amber and Baby CRU

Well here's a few quick pics. Haven't been on here for a while. I'll get back into this and maybe try to play catch up someday. LOL

October 26, 2009

Family Pics

Coupon Madness!!!

Ok, so I have been horrible about blogging for the last 5 months. Coupons have consumed my life! I kid you not, I thought I would never be able to blog again since I just have no time between, house chores, tyce, doing hair, errands, and coupons! But I love coupons so much! Here is just one prime example of why. I got all of this from Rite Aid last week. Now you are probably wondering how much I saved or how much I actually spent. Well, I am so proud to say I will have not spent a dime on all this! Thank you Rite Aid! You are now one of my favorite stores! And coupons, I dont know how I lived without you before I found you!

My cute little stud muffin! 16months old

Kalicias B-Day

Kalicia moved up here to Utah to play, work and go to school at the beginning of the year. She lives with us and I have enjoyed every second of it. She just turned 20 this september and I had to laugh at how many boys just love this girl. She had the flowers, cake and gifts flowing from all sorts of boys. She is such a fun, sweet, and loving sister and I am so happy to have her here with us.

A visit from Sheri O

I love when Sheridan comes to town. Shoot, I love when any of my friends come to town cause I hardly get to see them! But, I always get excited when sheridan comes. I hope you come back to see me soon! Love ya girl!

Politics & 5 Year Anniversary

I can believe its been 5 years! Glenn and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Sept 17th. Jena took tyce for a few days. We were planning on going to california and then changed plans last minute and stayed close to home. We got a session in at the temple (we are officially getting boring and old), went to dinner and hiked the "y". I couldnt believe it was Glenns first time and he grew up here in Utah county. Everyone has hiked the "Y" that lives here, so I thought. We enjoyed being "alone" and at times wondered what the heck we did before we had a child. It was so nice to just talk and catch up on life with no interruptions. Glenn has been the best husband I have ever had, LOL, that line was for you Glennie ;) He is my best friend and I am so grateful he is a big part of my life. I love you Babe.

Glenn and I got away sept 12 and headed up to the Saltlake "tea party" Glenn beck started back in March. If you are a Glenn Beck lover you will know what I am talking about. I felt really strong about supporting it and I was so glad we did. It was a really cool experience.


So I have always heard of people hiking MT Timp. since I moved here to Utah. Its one of my favorite mountains in Utah county. Well, one week Glenn asked if I would want to hike it and I said "heck yes, I have always wanted to." So he then tells me that we will be starting at 1 am so that we can make the hike to the top by the time the sun rises. So, Im all excited but not so sure bout hiking in the middle of the night. We got lucky and had a full moon. To make a long story short, we succeeded to get to the very top without changing my mind about going back home to my nice, war, comfortable bed. The question kept running through my mine , "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" I felt like this mountain kept going and going and going. FINALLY, we made it.To the VERY TIP TOP! It was a beautiful view. INCREDIBLE!! Once we made it back to our car we found out that we had been hiking for 11 hours!!! I then decided I wont be doing that for another 20 years at least! Check out the sweet views we got on picture, though they dont come close to showing how amazing it was. And you got to love the blister Glenn got from the hike, OUCH!!

New car seat & some fun in the fridge

We finally got him a face forward car seat. I was so excited just so I could actually see his face everytime I looked into my mirror. I wasnt sure if he weighed enough but I figured he was close enough if he wasnt exacly 20 lbs. He loved his new carseat. It was a hoot watching him get use to being able to watch what was going on up front. He sure is so much fun!

Having some fun in the fridge...