October 26, 2009

Coupon Madness!!!

Ok, so I have been horrible about blogging for the last 5 months. Coupons have consumed my life! I kid you not, I thought I would never be able to blog again since I just have no time between, house chores, tyce, doing hair, errands, and coupons! But I love coupons so much! Here is just one prime example of why. I got all of this from Rite Aid last week. Now you are probably wondering how much I saved or how much I actually spent. Well, I am so proud to say I will have not spent a dime on all this! Thank you Rite Aid! You are now one of my favorite stores! And coupons, I dont know how I lived without you before I found you!

1 comment:

Wood Family said...

wow! im amazed i am coupon retared! it would be nice if your or sheridan would just do it for me!